Zylkene Equine 2000mg (20ct.)

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Zylkene Equine is Vetoquinol's newest addition to the Zylkene Product line and one of the hottest new products on the equine market. It is the only veterinarian-exclusive supplement formulated with alpha-casozepine to help support behavior management. Zylkene Equine is ideal for helping horses maintain a normal disposition during periods of environmental or situational stress. These may include travel, prolonged stall rest, veterinary visits, isolation and new environments. 

Zylkene Equine has no sedative or tranquilizing effects and can be used in conjunction with other therapies. It contains alpha-casozepine--an ingredient derived from casein, a milk protein with calming properties. Researchers have speculated casein is the ingredient in mother’s milk that may be responsible for the calming effect and relaxation newborns experience after nursing. It has been clinically proven to support behavior modification and training programs.

• Natural, nutritional supplement with calming, soothing properties, and without any sedative side effects
• Derived from milk protein
• Can be used in a short term manner before a stressful situation or on a regular basis to support behavioral problems
• Palatable apple flavored powder

To be administered once daily, available in practical single-dose pouches. Mix the content of the sachet(s) with a small amount of food, once a day. 
- Body weight of horse up to 500kg : 1 to 2 sachets per day
- Body weight of horse 500kg and over : 2 to 4 sachets per day

Each box contains 20 packets. Each packet is 8 grams and contains 2000mg of product.

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