Zylkene Behavioral Support Capsules (75mg, 225mg, 450mg)

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Zylkene can help improve quality of life for pets—and their owners!

Zylkene is a product that can help support dogs and cats in situations where they find they need to adapt their behavior to cope. These include kennel and cattery stays, house moves, arrival of a new pet or baby, sudden noises e.g. fireworks, travel, vet or groomer visits and Christmas festivities. Many cats do not cope well in a multi-cat household. There are many ways our pets can respond to new and unpredictable situations and not all animals respond in the same way. Zylkene may also open pets’ receptivity to behavior-modification training.

Zylkene is palatable and easy to give; simply mix with food or give as a treat. Give just once a day. Zylkene is preservative and lactose free. Formulated with bovine-sourced hydrolyzed milk protein, a product with calming properties, it is indicated for short-term situational stress or longer term for chronic anxiety, when appropriate to keep pets calm without drowsiness. Clinically proven for behavior problem management with minimal side effects – no sedation or tranquilizing effects. It is safe and natural for nursing mothers and puppies, and can be given with other medications. 

Zylkene capsules can be administered orally, or opened and mixed with a meal. 

What dosage do you need?
75mg Zylkene - For Cats and Dogs under 22lb.
225mg Zylkene - For Dogs 22lb. - 66lb.
450mg Zylkene - For Dogs over 66lb.

Also available for horses. Click here for Zylkene Equine.

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