Yuk Forte Anti-Lick Gel (0.5oz)

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Developed by veterinarians for veterinarians, YukForte’s® patented  formula contains anti-lick bioresin Adhesyn®, a unique polymer that adheres to gingiva and teeth while drying to form a bitter barrier for external applications. YukForte’s extreme taste aversion intensifies over time making it even more potent than Yuk2e!

Being the most potent anti-lick formula available, professional strength YukForte fosters healing. Providing the perfect balance of power, efficacy and safety, it is ideal for bandages, dressings, cast material, padding and covers, drains, IV equipment, allergy treatment, repellants and behavior training aids. It also aids in puppy proofing, furniture protection, and electrical cords.

For dogs only.

ManufacturerVet Planet
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