Trouble Free by Kentucky Performance Products

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Trouble Free maintains calmness so horses are ready to face any situation. Trouble Free contains a blend of ingredients that support normal nerve cell and muscle function in the horse.

  • Contains alpha-lactalbumin, a unique ingredient that directly supports normal nerve function and maintains calmness
  • Helps horses maintain a relaxed attitude and supports a positive experience for both horse and rider
  • Provides supplemental thiamine (B1), taurine, inositol, and magnesium

Administer 40 Cc One To Two Times Daily Before and During Events

Ingredients: Taurine, inositol, thiamine (b1), alpha-lactalbumin, magnesium sulfate, glycerin, silica gel, soybean oil, coconut oil, natural and artificial flavors.

ManufacturerKentucky Performance Products
Additional InformationClick here for more information about Trouble Free on the KPP website.
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