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Stride StableOne is a Digestive Catalyst designed to assist with gastrointestinal homeostasis by supporting and enhancing natural microbial populations that influence pH, function, and health within the digestive system of horses. Designed for horses under digestive stress or on antibiotic therapy.

Designed to be used during Digestive Emergencies:
-Colonic Ulcers
-Pre-and Post-Surgery
-Loss of Appetite
-Long Term Antibiotics
-Confinement due to injury
-Horses in Critical Care
-Unexplained Weight Loss
-Immune Support
-G.I. Homeostasis

Beneficial for horses in need of:
-Weight Gain
-Immune Response
-Coat Condition
-Feed Utilization

Advantages of using StableOne®:
-Antibiotic Resistant
-Survives Gastric SHock
-Disease Barrier
-Increases Microbial Mass
-Modulates Immune Response

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