Stop Stool Eating Chewable Tablets (60ct.)

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Canine coprophagia is a common problem in many households, particularly with puppies. Stop Stool Eating chewable tablets are uniquely formulated and time released to discourage unpleasant stool eating in dogs. 

Recommended to help deter dogs from consuming their own stools or other dogs’ stools. See packaging for complete product details.

Active Ingredients per 3 gram tablet:

• Yucca Schidigera 400 mg
• Parsley Leaf 200 mg 
• Chamomile 50 mg 
• Prebiotics (Fructooligosaccharide FOS) 2 mg 
• Alpha-Amylase (Aspergillus oryzae, var.) 150 SKBU/gram 
• Lipase (Aspergillus niger, var.) 15 LU/gram 
• Cellulase (Trichoderma longibrachiatum) 5 CMCU/gram 
• Protease (Papain) 1500 PU/gram 
• Probiotics (Lactobacillus Acidophilus) 6.5 Million CFU/gram

(Above ingredients time released) 

Inactive Ingredients:

Capsicum, Dicalcium Phosphate, Dried Whey, Glutamic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Natural Flavoring, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Silica Aerogel, Stearic Acid, Thiamine Mononitrate and Vegetable Oil.

Suggested Daily Use:
Weight Amount
Up to 40 lbs. ½ tablet
41 to 80 lbs. 1 tablet
81 lbs. and over       
2 tablets

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