Stayons Hoof Wraps 2-Pack

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Stayons Wraps are made using a patent-pending fiber-paper matrix that seals pre-filled quilted pockets with specific poultice ingredients. When activated by soaking briefly in water, the resultant gel mixture remains in place, forming a pliable poultice that holds moisture for and extended time and molds well around legs. When soaked in ice water, wraps provide cold therapy benefits for immediate acute injury/inflammation situations, and longer-term poultice benefits - all in one step.

Dual action product provides support for short term & longer term issues. Soaking the wrap in ice water provides effective immediate support for acute injury/inflammatory conditions, while providing poultice benefits for the longer term effects. Two way support all in one step. No need to remove cold wraps & apply poultice - Stayons leg wraps uptake and hold the ice water, then slowly warm while the poultice blend provides its benefits. Win-win without the mess.

Epsom Salts: Epsom salt poultice has traditionally been used to soak sore feet caused by inflammation, infection or heat. 

Clay + Epsom Salts: Clay based poultice has traditionally been used for soreness caused by inflammation and heat.  Consider using this type of wrap for general soreness caused by inflammation, reducing heat, bruised soles and following heavy work or surgery.

Bran + Epsom Salts: Bran-based poultice has traditionally been used for abscesses or suspected abscesses. Consider using this type of wrap for maximum drawing power for potential infectious situations.  Providing a proprietary mixture of wheat bran + Epsom salt blended in specific ratios with Stayons gelling agent results in a long-lasting, wet gel when rehydrated with hot or cold water. Clean up is still easy when using these foot wraps, whichever type you choose, due to the fiber paper matrix design. 

All wraps are lightweight and disposable. Shipped 2 to a pack.

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