QuikClean Waterless Shampoo

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Water isn’t always available when a pet needs a bath. QUIKCLEAN Waterless Shampoo is a short-cut to a bath that can be used without wetting or rinsing to clean, brighten and remove stains.  This waterless shampoo cleans and brightens pets and removes stains from pets. Its tearless formula is lanolin-enriched with optical brighteners.

Contains no harsh chemicals, leaves no irritating residue, is pH balanced and mild. For use in dogs, cats and horses.

A few of the many situations when a waterless shampoo is useful include:

  • Removing surface stains 
  • Between bathings
  • To spot clean and deodorize
  • When caring for kittens and puppies
  • After surgery
  • Soiling mishaps/manure stains
  • For cold weather cleaning
  • For old or sick pets
ManufacturerFort Dodge
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