Quest Plus Gel Horse Wormer (11.3g)

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With just a single dose, QUEST (moxidectin) Gel treats and controls encysted small strongyle larvae. To do the same job, Panacur® Powerpac requires you to administer a double dose every day for five days — that’s not easy on you or your horse. And a recent study showed QUEST reduced fecal egg counts by 99.9% compared with Panacur Powerpac, which was only 42% effective.

Late fall is the ideal time for treatment against bots, tapeworms and larval stages of small strongyles. QUEST®PLUS (moxidectin/praziquantel) Gel is the only rapidly dissolving dewormer gel that protects against all three of these parasites in a single dose.


Chart from Zoetis


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ManufacturerFort Dodge
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