OptixCare L-Lysine Chews (60ct.)

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The nutritional supplement in OptixCare L-Lysine Chews helps manage feline herpes virus in cats and kittens.

L-Lysine is a recognized component of the multi-faceted approach to treating herpes infections.L-Lysine has been shown to help reduce the frequency of herpes flare-ups and help with reducing their severity. The Optixcare L-Lysine Chews are a market first in that each chew contains 500mg of L-Lysine. At the recommendation of many veterinary ophthalmologists, CLCMedica formulated these chews to contain 500mg of L-Lysine each which makes supplementing the cat easier.

Each tasty soft chew contains 500 mg of L-Lysine HCl. Highly-palatable chews are accepted by most cats. They come in a tasty chicken flavor.

One chew per day is the recommended dosage. One bag lasts two months for a single cat. Administer directly as a treat, or put in the animal's bowl with food.

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