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Neigh-Lox’s unique patented formula aids in the maintenance of a normal stomach environment that reduces the risk of gastric ulcers. Long-acting Neigh-Lox neutralizes excess acid and coats the stomach lining for up to 8 hours.

The prevalence of gastric ulcer damage has been documented in 93% of horses in race training, in nearly 60% of other performance horses, and in 57% of all foals. Recreational horses and broodmares are also at risk.

A research project recently conducted on a band of broodmares at the University of California, Davis revealed that even though the mares had not been exposed to the conditions conducive to ulcers, the occurrence of ulcers in the mares was approximately 70%. Research done on recreational horses showed that ulcer formation can begin in a couple of days when horses are stressed due to travel or other seemingly minor changes in their routine.

Preventing and treating EGUS is a challenge faced by many veterinarians and horse owners.

  • Neigh-Lox has the capacity to buffer for a long period of time (minimum 6-8 hrs); most antacids buffer for a much shorter period
  • Neigh-Lox buffers large amounts of acid; one dose ( 4 oz) has 240 mEq of acid-neutralizing capacity, which is equivalent to the amount of gastric acid typically produced over a six-hour period
  • In addition to its buffering capabilities, Neigh-Lox also contains compounds that coat the lining of the stomach and adhere to gastric lesions, which maintains healthy mucosa and supports healing

Available sizes: 3.5 lb ( 1.59 kg) bucket (7-day supply for 1 horse when fed at maintenance level of 8 oz per day); 25 lb ( 11.36 kg) bucket (50-day supply for 1 horse when fed at maintenance level of 8 oz per day).

Neigh-Lox Advanced:

From the manufacturer

Neigh-Lox Advanced provides a scientifically advanced blend of ingredients that work synergistically to maintain your horse’s digestive tract in peak condition. Horses with a healthy GI tract digest their feed more effectively so they absorb additional nutrients. They are less likely to suffer from digestive upsets. They perform better and feel great every day.

Supports a healthy GI tract, reducing the prevalence of:

  • Colonic irritation and ulcers
  • Colic and laminitis related to hindgut acidosis
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastric ulcers
  • Low immunity
  • Oxidative stress and cell membrane damage

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