MalAcetic Spray Conditioner Pump (8oz.)

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MalAcetic Spray Conditioner is an easy-to-use leave-on, dry-on, alcohol- and PEG-free conditioner. It is a patented, pleasant-smelling, acetic acid/boric acid product that is all natural and contains no alcohol or polyethylene glycol. This product will replace chlorhexidine-, iodine- and miconazole-based topical residual products. It is keratolytic, keratoplastic, deodorizing and degreasing. Use after using any shampoo or by itself.

  • Does not contain alcohol or PEG (polyethylene glycol) which may irritate damaged skin
  • This product is keratolytic, keratoplastic, deodorizing, degreasing and is a substitute for miconazole, chlorhexidine and other residual products
  • Use for support of healthy skin for animals with bacterial and/or fungal skin conditions
  • Contains Acetic and Boric Acids to leave your pet's hair clean, soft and lustrous
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