Keto-TRIS +PS Flush

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Keto Tris PS Flush is used for antiseptic cleansing and flushing of skin and ears for dogs, cats and horses.

Keto Tris contains EDTA, a chelating agent that creates an unfavorable environment for bacteria. Tris (tromethamine) and the high pH (8) further enhance the activity of EDTA. Ketoconazole helps control yeasts and fungi. Preservatives in the solution also act as antiseptics. PS (phytosphingosine-salicylol) is a pro-ceramide with antiseptic properties that restores the skin barrier and helps in the long-term management of skin conditions.

Active ingredients: Ketoconazole 0.1%, EDTA, tromethamine, phytosphingosine HCl 0.01%.

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