Isotone SA Electrolytes (24ct. Box)

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Isotone SA are small packets of electrolytes are easy to take anywhere.

A quality, buffered Isotonic solution for rehydrating dogs and cats contained in handy packets makes it simple to take electrolytes along on trips or all day outings. Simply mix with water to make a tasty solution. Each packet contains dextrose and glycine for energy, sodium and potassium as electrolytes and citric acid to balance and acidify the solution.

One packet creates one pint of solution.

  • Isotonic formula for optimum fluid absorption
  • Contains dextrose and glycine for energy
  • Sodium and potassium as sources of electrolytes
  • Citric acid to acidify the oral solution
  • Excellent palatability
  • Economical
ManufacturerVet A Mix
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