HOOFix Abscess Kit

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The HOOFix Abscess Kit provides everything you need to effectively treat a horse’s hoof abscess or sore or bruised hoof. A padded boot with heavy-duty sole cushions and keeps the hoof clean, and the Epsom salt hoof poultice packs are pre-packaged for quick and easy application with no mess.

  • Proven epsom salt poultice draws bacteria from the hoof
  • Everything needed to treat a hoof abscess
  • Reusable, non-skid boot is good for turnout

The HOOFix Abscess Kit reduces the pain and suffering of your horse and eliminates the stress you experience when treating a hoof abscess the old fashioned way. No need to change every day to maintain effectiveness, like other products. Each application can be left on for two to three days, providing up to twelve days of treatment.

The kit also includes 3 heavy-duty barrier bags, medical-grade Epsom salt packet, 2 bandage rolls, syringe and detailed instructions.
• No Wasted Time
• No Diapers
• No Duct Tape
• No Resoaking
• No Mess

ManufacturerPlum Shade Farm
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