Hi-Energy Supplement (300mL)

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Supply the energy boost that young or ill cattle and horses need. The supplement is packed with amino acids, B-complex vitamins, liver and iron, and formulated with propylene glycol. PRN Hi-Energy is an ideal substitute for IV glucose.

  • Easy to administer
  • Administration method protects from aspiration and mouth injury
  • Glycogenic precursors have proven greatly effective in low energy animals
  • Provides longer glucose levels that aid weak and convalescing animals
  • Supportive nutrition to assist with stress, cell and muscle repair and overall improvement


To prepare a solution of iodine for flushing wounds, or for topical disinfection.

Dosage & Administration

½ to 1 tube twice daily.

Hold animal’s head in a slightly elevated position and place tube in animal’s mouth directly over the tongue. Quickly express the correct dosage into the animal’s mouth and hold closed until emulsion is swallowed. Do not use a rope or restraint that will choke the animal. 

Active ingredients: 44 mg amino acids , 32 mg thiamine, 8 mg riboflavin, 16 mg pyridoxine HCI, 80 mg niacinamide, 48 mg D-calcium pantothenate, 3 g liver, 240 mg iron citrate, 400 mcg vitamin B12, Q.S. propylene glycol.

ManufacturerPRN Pharmacal
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