Hexa-Caine Spray (4oz.)

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Hotspots. Fleabites. Allergic Dermatitis. Even minor abrasions can make pets miserable and leave their owners feeling frustrated. Hexa-Caine™ Spray is a clinically developed, veterinarian tested topical anesthetic/antiseptic spray that quickly sooths minor canine and feline skin problems.

Do not use on severely traumatized or irritated skin.

  • Contains Bitrex® to stop fur licking and wound biting
  • Safe for puppies and kittens six weeks or older
  • Kills infection-causing bacteria
  • Speeds healing
  • Non-stinging aloe-lanolin base
  • Non-sticky
  • Can be used as often as necessary


Topical anesthetic, antiseptic, nonstinging spray that promotes healing for dogs and cats. Provides quick and soothing relief of itch and pain associated with hot spots and related eczemas, flea bites, allergic dermatitis and minor abrasions.

Dosage & Administration

Shake well before using. Spray liberally on affected areas. Gently wipe away excess around wound with sterile gauze or cotton.

Active Ingredients

Lidocaine hydrochloride, benzethonium chloride, allantoin, denatonium benzoate (Bitrex), aloe vera and lanolin.
ManufacturerPRN Pharmacal
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