Feliway Multi-Cat Pheromone Diffuser Starter Kit

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Sometimes sharing a home can be difficult for cats. In fact, 60% of cat owners with more than 1 cat in the house report issues of tension between cats. If your cats aren’t getting along, use Feliway MultiCat.

Feliway MultiCat is clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflict in multi-cat households. The diffuser emits a copy of the feline appeasing pheromone mother cats produce during lactation helping the multiple cats feel safer and secure in their surroundings. Cats of all ages sense this pheromone giving them a calming affect with less animosity. The diffuser covers up to 700 sq. feet.

Feliway Multi-Cat Starter Kit includes plug-in diffuser and 30-day refill. The Feliway Multi-Cat Refill is available in a 30-day (48mL) size.

Owners of two or more cats often treat their pets as a group, able to share resources equally. In reality, it is far more likely that cats in the same household live independently of each other, with very little or no interaction. In this case, sharing resources is a potential source of stress. The more cats in a home, the higher likelihood for stress.

1. Use a Feliway MultiCat Diffuser in the room most frequented by your cats. Several diffusers may be needed in large or multi-level homes, when cats have different living areas.

2. Create multiple access points for valuable resources:

  • Litter boxes (1 per cat + 1 extra)
  • Multiple food stations
  • Multiple drinking opportunities (away from food).
  • Enough climbing, hiding and sleeping areas for all cats.

3. Make sure these resources are spread around the house and on each floor to avoid competition for access.

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