EZ Med Holes Pilling Agent (30ct.)

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EZ-Med Holes provide a convenient way to give pills, tablets or capsules to dogs, ensuring medication compliance. The easy way to give your dog pills, tablets or capsules! No mess, no stress and dogs love it! There's no better or more convenient way to get your dog to accept their medicine. Dogs are clever and quite skilled at denying medication if they want to. Giving it to them buried within a delicious treat is the best way to ensure they consume what they need.

Available in small, medium and large size. Each low-calorie soft chew contains: Crude Protein (min) 7.47%, Crude Fiber (max) 1.58%, Crude Fat (min) 5.20%, Moisture (max) 11.94%. Beef flavor derived from pork.

Additional InfoClick here for more information about EZ Med Holes on the Stratford website.
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