Equiwinner Electrolyte Patches (Box of 10)

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Get better health & performance when electrolytes work properly - with Equiwinner Patches!

Electrolytes are involved in every physiological process in the horse's body.  They conduct electricity and manage all bodily fluids, among other things.  All bodily functions depend on conductivity of fluids in and around cells, and since an adult horse's body is composed of roughly 70% water, the horse's body is mostly fluids. Good health, however, not only depends on electrolyte levels but also on electrolyte activity, on those electrolytes working properly to maintain optimum electrolyte balance in the body to make sure all that water is more than just wet. Researchers have found that simply providing electrolytes doesn't guarantee they'll work properly.

It's not about feeding more electrolytes.  It's about making them work properly.

Equiwinner is a patented, non-transdermal patch.  It serves as a natural electrolyte-balancing system.

- Safe, effective and easy to use.
- Simple 10-day treatment costs less than constantly trying to treat or manage symptoms.
- One single treatment can be effective for months, even up to one full year, when used as directed.

Equiwinner patches contain only natural balanced electrolytes.  Nothing goes into the horse's body - it simply recognizes the electrolytes in the patches and responds to them.  No side effects.  And Equiwinner will never test positive in any competition, race, event or sport.

Horses with health issues make us worry, cost us more and underperform.  Equiwinner will change all that.

ManufacturerSignal Health
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