Equithrive Joint Powder (2lb.) 60-Day Supply

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Equithrive Joint supplement is a unique Resveratrol-based formula that supports healthy equine joint function during aging, training and competition. This product was released in 2009 when researchers at the Gluck Equine Research Center verified that daily Equithrive Joint administration causes a significant reduction in circulating levels of inflammatory mediators.

Equithrive Joint contains our proprietary microencapsulated Resveratrol product Resverasyn®. Resverasyn is a bioavailable Resveratrol product that produces high circulating levels of Resveratrol after oral administration, resulting in maximum therapeutic effects. Equithrive Joint also contains hyaluronic acid, the primary component of joint-lubricating synovial fluid and cartilage.

Equithrive Joint is a stand-alone product that does not require co-administration of any other nutraceuticals or supplements to support soundness and continued joint health in your horse.

Active Ingredients: Resverasyn® (Microencapsulated Resveratrol), Hyaluronic Acid (as Sodium Hyaluronate)
Inactive Ingredients: Grape Skin and Seed Powder, Fermentation Solubles, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 1026, Diatomaceous Earth.

Directions for Use: Equithrive Joint is a powdered product that can be administered with a horse’s daily feed ration. 

Also available in an 8lb. bucket.

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