EPIC Calf Scour Formula (2.2lb)

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EPIC Calf Scour is for calves older than 24 hours. This calf scour contains a combination of recognized ingredients proven to be of critical importance for scouring calves. The patented EPIC (Egg Protein In Complexes) base provides specific immunoglobulins (IgYs) and other immune cofactors.

Contains guaranteed min 21% crude protein, min 11% crude fat, min 1% crude fiber, min 100,000 CFU/gm lactobacillus acidophilus and min 100,000 CFU/gm enterococcus faecium.

Directions: At first sign of scours – Mix 1 scoop (20 gms) with 2 quarts milk replacer, colostrum or electrolytes, and feed by nipple bottle or esophageal feeder twice daily for 3-5 days; At times of predictable scours – Mix 1/2 to 1 scoop (10-20 gms) with 2 quarts milk replacer and feed by nipple bottle twice daily starting at 36-24.


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