EFAC Periodontal Health Soft Gels (30ct.)

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Oral health is just as important to your cat or dog's health, as it is to ours. However because few dogs or cats get their teeth brushed on a regular basis, they are very prone to plaque build-up. Smaller breeds of pets have smaller mouths and as a result their teeth can be more crowded together, which then leads to an easier build up of plaque. Some species of pets are also more prone. In fact statistics indicate that as many as 80% of our trusted companions have oral health concerns.

EFAC is comprised of natural fatty acids or oils that have a potent lubricating action on our cells. They sound similar, however esterified and essential oils are very different and should not be confused.

Initially scientists focused their research on joint health, but over time discovered that these unique oils also benefited the gums. As an added benefit it is common to see older pets using EFAC for gum health also become more mobile and playful.

EFAC (esterified fatty acid complex) oils are naturally derived from beef tallow. These patented oils have a potent lubricating action on cells and have been researched extensively in the areas of periodontal and joint health. Periodontal Health EFAC Soft Gels are cut open and squeezed onto the animal’s gums, and the active ingredients are absorbed through the skin.

Each soft gel contains 525 mg of EFAC, enough for a 70-lb. dog if used daily. For cats and small dogs (5–35 pounds) apply one soft gel on the gums every second day. Allow 2 to 8 weeks for best results.

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