Dog Nail Trimmers

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Millers-Forge nail trimmers feature heavy-duty stainless steel blades and contoured handles. They make it easy to trim your pet's nails. Millers Forge products are made in Italy.

The small safety bar trimmer keeps nails within a safe cutting length to ensure you don't over-cut. They are 5" long and recommended by groomers and veterinarians for safe cutting practices.

The large size (6.5" long) trimmers are best suited for large-breed dogs. The medium size trimmers (6" long) are best suited for most other dog sizes.

We recommend keeping Kwik Stop Styptic Powder on hand when performing any nail-related grooming at home. Accidentally trimming a pet's nail too short leads to bleeding, and Kwik Stop will immediately control the wound and stop the bleeding.

ManufacturerMillers Forge
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