DermaZoo Tris-Ophtho Eye Wipes (50ct. Jar)

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DermaZoo's Tris-Ophtho Eye Wipes are indicated for prevention and removal of tear stains, helping to reduce odor and infection around the eye, and for routine cleansing. Wipes may be used to clean around pets’ eyes and remove debris. Wipes will not sting or damage the eye in cases of accidental contact.

Wipes may also be used to aid in the removal of salivary staining wherever it may occur such as on the face and feet. The wipes contain EDTA, Tromethamine and 0.002% Chlorhexidine. EDTA is antibacterial and also chelates minerals, such as iron, helping to remove the stains from the hair.

CONTAINS: EDTA, Tromethamine, 0.002% Chlorhexidine

Tris-EDTA:* Alkalinizing, Potentiates antibiotics, Synergistic with Chlorhexidine, Antimicrobial

ChlorhexidIne:* Antimicrobial

Patent Pending. For dogs, cats and horses.

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