Cobalequin® B12 Chewable Tablets (45ct.)

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What's the easiest way to give your dog or cat an additional boost of B12 vitamins every day? A palatable chewable tablet from Nutramax. This new supplement is the simplest and most effective way to administer B12 to your animal.

Cobalequin® contains an oral cobalamin form that is bioavailable and has been shown in studies to increase serum cobalamin concentrations in dogs.

  • Giving a Tasty Chewable Tablet is easy! And easy administration means better compliance.
  • Pets can convalesce in comfort at home.
  • Giving Cobalequin® is a bonding opportunity for client and pet.
  • Reduces the need to give additional injections to the pet. 
Additional InfoClick here for more information about this product on the manufacturer's website.
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