Clenz-a-Dent PlaqueOff Food Additive (40gm)

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Clenz-a-dent is a complete line of dental care products for dogs and cats that is easy to use to increase pet owner compliance and offers enhanced efficacy driven by new molecules and delivery systems The active ingredients are RF2 (a member of the polygonaceae family of flowering plants) and Plaque Off™ (purified seaweed extract, Ascophyllum sp.). Bacteria in the mouth produce a matrix called a bio-film in which they hide and multiply. The bio-film grows to form dental plaque which in turn gets mineralized into calculus. RF2 fights plaque and calculus where they originate by breaking down and destroying the bio-film. 

Clenz-a-dent Plaque Off for Dogs & Cats is a highly palatable food additive that is top dressed daily on the pet’s food to help reduce plaque and calculus. No additives, preservatives, sugar or gluten; rich in natural iodine. Noticeable results within three to eight weeks.

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