Ceragyn Ear Wash & Drops

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Ceragyn products are based on a new class of compounds discovered by a leading university biochemist. These Ceragyn compounds mimic the broad-spectrum activity and biofilm eradication properties of nature’s antimicrobial peptides and deliver them using the patented Purifect™ technology. The Ceragyn line is able to rapidly kill bacteria, fungi and lipid-enveloped viruses as well as eradicate biofilm with efficacies that are comparable to, or in some cases, superior to those of antimicrobial peptides.

One-step ear products that help to provide an ideal environment for healthy ears. Specifically formulated to deodorize and gently clean, dry and acidify the ear canal. This provides an ideal environment for healthy ears.

Ear Wash available in a 4 oz size
Ear Drops available in a ½ oz size

Ear Drops are specifically formulated for the promotion of ear health and may aid in reducing discomfort associated with inflammation caused by bacterial, fungal or yeast infections.

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