Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets (6-Pack)

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Capstar Nitenpyram Treatment Tablets are used to kill fleas on dogs and cats, which begins working within 30 minutes. Capstar will kill more than 90% of adult fleas within 4 hours on dogs and 6 hours on cats, and pets may temporarily scratch as a result of the fleas dying.

Use when pets are likely to be exposed to fleas, such as in dog parks, at shows, or other areas. May be used prior to surgery, boarding, or grooming. The medication's active ingredient interferes with the normal nerve transmission of insects, effectively killing them. This is not a preventive medication.

CAPSTAR is Clean
CAPSTAR is an orally administered tablet. So there’s no odor or messy application on your pet or in your home. Plus, oral tablet formulations provide protection that can’t rub or wash off.

CAPSTAR is safe for puppies and kittens four weeks and older, weighing two pounds or greater, as well as for pregnant or nursing dogs and cats. You can safely give a dose of CAPSTAR® as often as once per day.

CAPSTAR is Effective
CAPSTAR starts working within 30 minutes.

Can be administered as frequently as once a day.
25+lb. product for use in dogs only.


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