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Why BreatheWise™?

  • Contains a unique grade of cellulose powder that helps maintain normal respiratory function
  • Comes with an easy-to-use applicator that distributes the powder evenly about the horse’s nasal passageways
  • Filters out dust, mold spores, and other airborne particles inhaled into the nasal passages

BreatheWise is recommended for:

  • All horses housed in barns and stables where hay and bedding are present
  • Horses being transported, during both short and long haul trips.
  • Pastured horses when the pollen count is elevated
  • Performance horses that school or compete in a dusty environment (arenas, rings, indoors)
  • Racehorses of all types

BreatheWise is a unique cellulose powder. Once exposed to the moisture within the horse’s airway, BreatheWise forms a fine mucus-like gel that lines the nasal tract and acts as a mechanical filter for allergens, pollutants, and dust.

A field study investigating if BreatheWise had an immediate effect on coughing horses revealed that 89% of the horses tested found relief from their coughing symptoms either immediately or within 10 to 15 minutes after administration. The study was conducted on horses in which an allergic reaction or allergens were the most likely cause of their cough. Horses coughing due to infection were excluded. The study was conducted in late 2008 at the Bollerup Horse Clinic in Sweden.


In an in vitro study conducted at the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit (University of Worchester, United Kingdom) the diffusion of the dust mite allergen through the gel formed by the unique cellulose powder in BreatheWise was compared to a control agar gel. The cellulose gel in BreatheWise significantly slowed diffusion. After 15 minutes, 69% of the allergens had diffused through the control gel compared with only 1.9% diffusion in the cellulose gel during the same time period. After 5 hours, 100% had diffused through the control compared with 44% in BreatheWise.

Directions for Use: Use twice daily. Safe to administer more often if required. Prior to use, shake bottle.

BreatheWise should be administered before entering environments such as barns, arenas, racetracks or trailers that contain dust, mold spores, or other airborne allergens.

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