When giving your dog medication, you’ll have heard people say they wrap pills up in food to disguise what's being done. Many people use ham or cheese to wrap up the pills, but these aren't always the best options. Here's why:

Let’s Start With the Cheese

Cheese isn’t the worst thing, and whether or not it's trouble will depend on the dog. Like humans, some dogs are lactose intolerant. It’s worth checking on yours first to see if this will be a problem. You don’t want to give your pup tummy ache as well as the ailment that is causing the need for medication! It's also best to not make a habit of feeding your dog cheese too regularly. Here and there, it's probably not a big deal, but over-consumption could be an issue.

Ham Is the Bigger Problem

Ham by itself isn’t the problem, it’s everything that goes into it—stuff that you have no control over! Ham is usually fatty and salty, which can be a major issue for your dog’s health, especially if your dog is overweight. The salt leads to dehydration, heart disease, and other obesity issues.

All the other stuff that goes into ham can lead to diarrhea in your animal. Canine diets need to be heavy in meat-based protein, but pork is generally a low-quality protein, and is harder to digest than most others.

There Are Better Alternatives

Instead of choosing ham or cheese, there are alternatives for wrapping up your dog’s pills. Consider other meats, especially lean turkey or chicken. A tablespoon of unsalted peanut butter is also an option, since it’s full of protein and healthy fats. There are also wonderful products made specifically for hiding pills and which taste awesome to dogs, like Greenies Pill PocketsEZ-Med HolesTricky TreatsPill Wrap Paste, and Flavor Doh.