Loading can trigger a lot more than fear.

Zylkene Equine is a new product from Vetoquinol, makers of the popular Zylkene formula for cats and dogs. The product is making waves in the equine community for its effectiveness and ease of administration, helping combat the stressful situations that are part of any horse's life. Click here to read the press release about Zylkene Equine released by Vetoquinol in June of 2015.


Zylkene works to not only assist with the external effects of stress on a horse, but the harmful internal issues that are associated with undue stress. From GI upset to suppressed immune response, stress is as tough on a horse's body as any other animal. Quite simply, Zylkene Equine helps them cope.


  • Natural nutritional supplement with calming, soothing properties, and without any sedative side effects
  • Derived from milk protein
  • Can be used in a short term manner before a stressful situation or on a regular basis to support behavioral problems
  • Palatable apple flavored powder

Backed by research for behavioral problem management, Zylkene has become the top-recommended product for situational stress in horses and ponies. It naturally produces a sense of relaxation and mental alertness, without the side effects of drowsiness or tranquilization. For your convenience, it can be administered right along with the animal's regular meal time.

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