Consumer expectations are always changing. As millennials make the push into being the dominant American consumer force, businesses have to keep up with the demands and preferences of their consumers. Customers these days care about who they buy from. Price and value will always be important factors, but consumers are proving to be increasingly conscious about the image of the companies they choose to support.


As a business operated by that very generation of people, we do everything we can to understand that dynamic. Simply put, companies need to value purpose as much as profit.


No company is going to tell you profit isn't important. Of course it is. It's the only way a business can grow. And the only way a business can continue to meet and exceed customer expectations is through growth. But profit and purpose are more distinctly intertwined now than ever before. If a company doesn't represent itself as one earnestly invested in its employees, its product, and its customers, people will turn away.


The history of American business isn't beautiful. Many of the country's largest corporations were created by under-paying workers, questionable ethics, and screwing over others to secure fortunes. That's the old way of doing things, and it's a dying culture. The generations of people pushing companies forward from this point on weren't trained in that school.



Companies should now be concerned with profit, sure, but also progressively concerned with creating a net positive good for society. They need to support others who share their business culture. They need to support their employees so they can not just exist, but thrive and innovate. They need to nurture the industry they're in, not just reap its benefits. They need to learn about the people they employ, discover their skill sets, and utilize them beyond the scope of their resumes and degrees. And they need to prioritize the needs of those they service, and ensure they're doing the best for the people they're in business to serve.


We at AffordableVet have only been in business for a little over nine months. We're just a couple people with families and degrees and all the same opinions about business culture we're trying to reflect through our own work. And we hope the customers we've had the pleasure of serving since the beginning of 2015 have seen a difference in our brand. We're a business starting in the rush of this cultural shift, and are dedicated to being a company our customers will be proud to buy from.