Baskerville Ultra Canine Muzzle

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Designed by Dr. Roger Mugford to protect against biting while at the same time maintaining comfort for the dog, Baskerville Ultra Muzzles allowin dogs to pant, drink and be fed. Ergonomically designed safety-strapping ensures muzzle stays in place, with two additional points of secure attachment and a loop at the bottom to attach to a dog's collar. Secure metal buckle with pre-holed webbing and neoprene padding to ensure a comfortable fit. Made of tough and durable material that is malleable and soft to the touch. 

Measure your dog's snout from just below eyes to end of snout for length, and around the snout at the widest point for the circumference.

Sizing examples:
Border Terrier, Jack Russell - Size 1 (8.5" nose circumference)
Cocker Spaniel, Beagle - Size 2 (10.5" nose circumference)
Collie, Bull Terrier - Size 3 (11" nose circumference)
Pointer, Pit Bull - Size 4 (12.5" nose circumference)
Lab, German Shepherd - Size 5 (13.5" nose circumference)
Great Dane, Rottweiler - Size 6 (16" nose circumference)

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