AminAvast Kidney Support for Dogs & Cats

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AminAvast is a new supplement to help support cats’ and dogs’ natural kidney functions.

AminAvast is a specially formulated, veterinarian recommended supplement to promote and support healthy kidney function in cats and dogs. The easy-to-administer sprinkle capsules can be opened and the contents mixed with a small amount of your pet's favorite wet food.

This innovative supplement helps to improve your pet's kidney function by reducing inflammation, helping to maintain normal renal blood pressure and vasodilation, as well as protecting cell and tubule health within the kidneys. As an added benefit, AminAvast helps to increase the hormone that promotes kidney tissue repair.

  • AminAvast contains AB070597: a patent pending ingredient created through a proprietary process using amino acids and a peptide.
  • AminAvast is supplied in capsules and is easily administered to cats or dogs.
  • Cats and dogs have seen benefits within weeks of starting AminAvast. Clients have reported improvements in coat, appetite, behavior, increased weight, and a general all over sense of feeling better.
  • AminAvast does not need refrigeration and has a 2 year shelf life.
  • Over 10,000,000 doses of AB070597 have been administered to cats and dogs with no negative side effects reported.
ManufacturerBioHealth Solutions
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